Etching PCB is to use the materials of chemical reactions or physical impact of technologies that ar 

I have wished to require a stab at etching a PCB for a few time. 

This gave the look of the right chance to check out this new technique. The circuit wouldn't be difficult therefore I might conjointly shine some lightweight on others (as well as my closet) World Health Organization could also be considering this for the primary time.
Etching could be a "subtractive" technique used for the assembly of computer circuit boards: 

acid is employed to get rid of unwanted copper from a ready-made laminate. this can be done by applying a brief mask that protects components of the laminate from the acid and leaves the specified copper layer untouched. 

You can print a PCB by yourself

during a science laboratory or maybe reception, through an easy and cheap production method. It is sensible after you want to supply one or a really tiny range of boards and wish to avoid producing prices.