what is low pressure solar water heater
Escoo low pressure solar water heater instrumentality manufacturer NRG Technologies offers thermal star systems in unaggressive  and hard-hitting models. The unaggressive  gravity feed complete system consists of a vacuum glass tube collector, associate insulated tank and nonmandatory stand elements (make up tank). The exhausted glass tubes square measure full of water and exposed to sun, so heating up the water within the glass tubes.

  • As the relative density of cold water is heavier than predicament, the recent water within the glass tubes starts rising within the insulated cistern, and also the cold water within the insulated cistern sinks into the glass tubes. As this cycle is perennial, water within the star heater gets heated. This method is thought as Thermosyphon and relies on natural convection.
  • The hard-hitting Direct Pressure star Water utility options exhausted tubes and warmth pipe. The exhausted tube absorbs solar power and converts it into heat, this energy is then utilized in the method of heating water