Fine Material Screw Washers wash, classify and dewater -10mm or 3/8″ solids material in one machine. They typically settle for feed suspension from Wash Screens, Sand Classifying Tanks, Hydrocyclones, Hydrosizers™ and different Fine Material Screw Washers. If associate degree application needs a larger level of dewatering, they'retypically placed serial with a Dewatering Screen.

Fine Material Screw Washers ar particularly easy for operations wanting to clean dry screened fines. in comparisonto different sand laundry systems, Screw Washers ar a low-capital price and low power user machine. they're wideemployed by construction sand producers, mining firms, star salt/brine processors and glass utilisation plants.


How does a sand screw washer work?

To accomplish the ideal outcomes with a Fine Material Screw Washer, sand or other fine material is coordinated to the feed confine the confound plate. Coarse, heavier materials settle to the base of the case, while ultra-fine waste portions are conveyed by the up-ebb and flow of water to the surface and flood the weirs. 

Heavier material that settles to the base is passed on up a 18-degree incline toward the release end. The rolling and tumbling of the material discharges fines and some lightweight divisions into suspension. It additionally gently scours shallow dirts from the sand/mineral surfaces. As the material is passed on toward the release end, the water starts to isolate from the material. A divert in the washer box/tub is given inverse the passing on side to enable water to deplete from the solids and flood the weirs. 


So as to legitimately hold material in a screw washer, a quiet survey territory must be kept up. The feed box inside the bewilder plate is utilized to coordinate material far from the quiet pool region; in any case, if the pool territory is fierce, better material that might be attractive in the last item will flood the weirds. The perplex plate isolates the washer box feed territory and keep the pool region quiet. In a few applications, makers may expel the confound plate and feed the material near the back plate of the weir to help shake the trick territory and flood unwanted material. 

The speed of the Fine Material Screw Washer is dictated by the percent passing 50 work in the ideal item. In the event that the screw washer is running excessively quick, material does not get an opportunity to remain on the flight sufficiently long to dewater. The material will tumble off of the flight and come back to the survey territory, driving the container to in the end load up with sand and slow down the screw shaft.