The higher the pressure inside the pressure cooker tester, the higher the pressure inside the aging test room, the higher the pressure inside the aging tester.

PCT aging tester very good critical limited mode automatic security protection, in the occurrence of abnormal reasons and failure indicator will be displayed, can be good to avoid the loss caused by abnormal, even cause damage today.

The circular design of the high pressure accelerated aging tester with the circular lining of stainless steel can completely avoid the direct impact of latent heat of steam on the test product. Lead to damage of test product.

A very good design is adopted in the PCT aging tester, which makes it possible to add water to each test and use it for 200 hours. Besides, the air tightness is very good, and the water consumption is very low

The PCT aging tester is used for automatic access control, automatic automatic temperature and pressure detection safety access control the design of the safety door handle has been patented in the case of greater than normal pressure, the test door will be protected.

Introduction to the Characteristics of the New PCT Aging Tester:

Pressure cooker tester (PCT) from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.​ will solve the following problems in a down-to-earth manner, allowing high consumers to buy reliable reliability test equipment:

● Quality and reliability work guarantee conditions urgently need to increase efforts and need overall arrangements.

● The awareness of quality reliability of the research team is weak, and the professional personnel of reliability knowledge and availability are lack.

● The quality responsibility of the model unit is not enough to implement.

● The development of reliability work is not in-depth, performance design and reliability design are not synchronous.

● The quality assurance organization is not sound, the function is not in place.

● The manufacturer cannot restrict the supply and quality of supporting products.