HD Clear Anti Blue Light UV Filter Screen Protector for Apple iPad Pro 10.5

Compatible Model: iPad Pro 10.5 2018/ Air 3 2019, not fit other model

If you’re looking for helping cut the glare, reflection, blue light and UV ray from Apple iPad, you might want to buy iPad Pro 10.5 screen protector of matte antiglare eye care edition not High definition eye care edition.

To help blocking above 55% of the blue light and 99% of UV ray, the color of the screen protector is light brown because of the advanced electroplating technology.

If you care about the future health of your eyes and it will aid helping further deterioration. I know it’s somewhat costly, but it’s nothing compared to the cost 
You could also get ERFECTISGHT iPad Pro 10.5 Air 3 Tempered Glass from US Amazon PERFECTSIGHT store or UK Amazon PERFECTSIGHT store.