NHTSA same that the longer term of the rear read camera image could be a necessary provision, which is able to stopthree hundred accidents per annum and can save a hundred lives, particularly youngsters.

NHTSA estimates that if the regulation is enforced, the value of the reverse image system can increase the value of the automotive, and it's expected that each one the factories can increase the value of $1 billion 900 million -27 a year. However, the rise of those prices are comparatively cheaper than the value of rescue once reversing the accident.

Adding a backup camerato your vehicle makes it safer to into parking areas, back out of your road, or monitor a trailer whereas in reverse. Installation is easy, and you'll be able to screw yourself if you are even simply a touch handy. during this Article description, our professional walks through a typical backup camera installation, and provides severalnice tips to assist your installation be a hit.

how to wire a backup camera to the reverse light

Step Installation Process

Step 01.Connect car charger with rear view mirror and plug into cigarette lighter.

step 02.Connect transmitter with rear view camera.

step 03.Find out the +12v reverse light cable in R-gear witch test pencil.

step 04 Effect.

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