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HD Clear Anti Blue Light UV Filter Screen Protector for Apple iPad Pro 10.5

Compatible Model: iPad Pro 10.5 2018/ Air 3 2019, not fit other model

If you’re looking for helping cut the glare, reflection, blue light and UV ray from Apple iPad, you might want to buy iPad Pro 10.5 screen protector of matte antiglare eye care edition not High definition eye care edition.

To help blocking above 55% of the blue light and 99% of UV ray, the color of the screen protector is light brown because of the advanced electroplating technology.

If you care about the future health of your eyes and it will aid helping further deterioration. I know it’s somewhat costly, but it’s nothing compared to the cost 
You could also get ERFECTISGHT iPad Pro 10.5 Air 3 Tempered Glass from US Amazon PERFECTSIGHT store or UK Amazon PERFECTSIGHT store.

Do you know what is privacy screen protector? How do it work? Do we need privacy screen protector for cellphone, tablet, laptop and computer?

Many readers should have the feeling that when playing mobile phones on the subway, bus or other public situation, there are always someone staring at your screen.However they may not have any thoughts, people still don't like to be seen by strangers, then you need a little privacy protection.

So, what technology does the privacy screen protector use that make your screen can be seen only by yourself? 

lost privacy in public place

The purpose of the privacy screen is to make the screen be viewed only from the front through a filter.When the viewing angle is off the center, the screen will be darker until it is completely black.

Filters with this effect can prevent others from peeking from your side of your screen thus to protect your privacy.

anti spy effect for iphone privacy screen protector

In addition, as the data in smartphones becomes more and more important, anti-spy screen protector for mobile phones has become In fact, anti-spy film has long been used in ATM screens and other public places that need to protect users' privacy. popular.  

Do we need one in the digital information age?

We will meet many people in the big world.We don't refuse to reach out to this society, but our privacy may leak in a casual moment, protecting ourselves is also protecting our family.

In public, private information, album, confidential documents and business information in the phone can be saw by the other around in the public easily which is really embarrassed for us and other.

key privacy information in public

PERFECTSIGHT privacy screen protector use micro-louver optical technology and provide a screen display effect with 60 degrees clear in the front.While 180 degrees dark in the side which protect your privacy also your eyes.  

PERFECTSIGHT privacy screen protector can protect your screen information from prying eyes in public.

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